How to make money with your photography?

Make money with photography!Thanks to technology today and improvements in digital photography equipment amateur photographers, freelance photographers, and professional photographers can earn money from their photographs by selling royalty-free photos using online photography websites like iStockPhoto or

Lets explain what are Stock Photos and Royalty-Free photos, for those of you that don`t know. Licensed photos that are for commercial use by newspapers, magazines and advertising agencies are Stock photographs. For them to be used the photographer charges a one-time fee.

In most cases the photographer keeps his ownership of the stock photo and simply “rents” the image to clients who can download stock photos online from stock photography website.

On the other hand, the Royalty-free photos are digital or print images that can be sold by the photographer for a one-time fee. Those images and photos are exempt for residual commission-like earnings-also known as royalties-in the future.

If you are wondering what type of stock photos you can sell using a stock photo website, it`s time for you stop wondering and continue reading. Stock photographs have many categories in which they can fall. They can be photographs of animals or people, items around the house or digital photos.

Genres of the stock photography vary from travel stock photography to medical stock photography, sports stock photography, nature stock photography and several more categories. Finding a niche in the stock photography is what most photographers try to do so they can specialize in a certain type of digital image.


Among the stock images there can be illustrations, computer images and photos edited by a photo editing software like Photoshop. Many of the stock photography websites will also sell royalty-free stock illustrations, videos and audio.


Lets explain how the stock photography websites work.

Let`s say you are an aspiring stock photographer and you want to use a website like that. You need to apply first to become a contributor to the stock photography website., and are 3 of the many websites for the job.

Once you get approved, you can start uploading photographs in all sizes. Some of those sites have pre-set pricing depending on your photo size, while other sites let the photographer set the price.

And here is the Payment Structure.

There are different types payments, depending on the site you choose to use. For an example pays a flat fee of 25 cents per photo download and once you earn $500, the compensation rises to 30 cents per photo download. That`s the most common payment structure used and websites using this method of payment enjoy a large customer base.

Another type of websites pays freelance photographers a percentage of the photo download price, iStockPhoto uses that method and they pay 20% of the photo download fee. The fee percentage rises to 40, if the digital image is sold through the website.


How can a stock photographer get started selling his digital photos online you wonder?

Well, the first step is to collect some samples of your work. The best website that sell stock images use an application process for ensuring that only high-quality images are sold on their website

Another useful thing to do is to check out the other digital images that are sold on the website. Doing so, you can see the standards of the website and that will help you pick the digital images that will be consistent with the site`s standards.

Once you are accepted as a contributor for the stock photography website, you can start posting royalty-free stock photos for the customers to purchase.

You should choose wisely. Make a research for the site`s payment structure and volume of customer traffic. If the site has high traffic, that can bring more potential downloads the photographer can agree on a lower pricing on the royalty-free images.

Examining the strategies employed by the most successful and popular stock photographers on the website is another thing you should do to get a overall view of how to earn money on a particular website.

Quality of the image, the resolution/size of the image, the number of images you contributed and the demand of the images provided by a digital photographer are all the things on which depends the earning potential for selling royalty-free stock photos.

If you are good and you have picked the right website, with the best strategy and payment you can earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month by selling stock photography online. So what did we just explained here is that the earning potential of the digital photography is limitless.