How to make money by designing T-Shirts?

img-thingPrinting T-shirts is good way to make some money. There are T-shirt sites like Zazzle and Cafe Press who do the printing for you and you cannot use these outlets to sell your own printed T-shirts. You can make a bigger profit when printing them yourself, then using someone else, yes that involves more work but the profit will be bigger.

How to make money by designing T-Shirts? We have divided the process in 6 steps.

Here is step 1

Think of a design and create it yourself instead of paying someone else to do that for you.

That way you won`t pay for the creating of the designs. Freehand your design on paper or use design software like Photoshop, GIMP or Fireworks.

Step 2

You need to set the price for the T-shirts.

If you pay someone else to screen print them, you need to calculate the price per-shirts and the way to that is to divide the total money you paid by the number of shirts you received.

If you are printing them by yourself, add the materials cost to see how much you spent on the printing and don`t forget to add the cost of the shirts. All this figures you added together is the total price per shirt. Knowing that number lets you determine how much you can add to it, so you can have the profit you need on each shirt. Here is an example, if your cost is $6 and you want to make $10 per shirt, you need to price each one at $16.

Here is step 3

You can create a website for your shirts or you can hire a web designer to do it for you.

Finding a web designer is not that hard, simply go to, ask your friends and neighbors or visit the local technical college. If you already have a gaming website or an artwork website and you want to make T-shirts for them just include a single page on the website promoting them. Include a way for the people to pay for the T-shirts when they decide they want one or more. PayPal, Google Checkout or a merchant accounts are a must then.

Step 4

Promoting your T-shirts via Facebook, Twitter and the other social networks is a good way to attract new customers. You can pay for ads on Facebook or Google AdWords, the prices vary.

You can give free T-shirts if you can afford it, contact owners of blogs or website that are relevant to your T-shirts and offer them to send free shirts for giveaways. Doing so you get your brand and your designs out in the market.

Here is step 5

If there is a local festival, outdoor market, a fair or small events you need to get a booth there.

The price of booths vary, get a booth that allows you to see directly to customers. Look in the local newspaper for upcoming events or use sites like Is you find an event you want to attend, you must contact the event planner to secure a booth.

The final step 6

Visiting local clothing stores and boutiques in your area to ask if they will stock your T-shirts is another useful thing you can do. They will offer you to leave you shirts there on consignment basis, which means you will get paid if the shirt sells. If you agree you need to check the store on a regular basis so you can see how the things are going. This is a good way for a store to try out new merchandise without spending money. Negotiating the percentage the retailer receives from the sale is the key. It can vary from 25 to 50.