How to Make MONEY from PC Parts Scrap?

pentum proIf you have get access to to a large allowance of e-waste, you may literally be sitting on a gold mine. There is gold that can be recovered from rejected computer circuit boards–but in such little amounts that the time-consuming and dangerous method required to eliminate gold from computer circuits is only worth your while if you have at least 1.5 tons of utilised planks.

Take your circuit planks and utilising tweezers and little pics, narrow piece all the metal from the ceramic board. The metal will comprise gold, shiny and copper in mixed allowances too little to be separated by hand.

Location the metal you dragged off your circuit board into your iron alloy crucible. Heat your furnace and melt all the metals simultaneously until they are liquid. Pour the liquid into your metal plate moulds and let cooling.

arrange a “plate bathing tub” in your glass tank by loading it almost to the peak with distilled water. Put one of the steel plates from your mould into your plate holder and submerge the plate absolutely in the bath. Do the identical with the copper plate and submerge the plate two inches away from the steel plate you made.

request a affirmative ascribe to the plate you created and a contradictory charge to the copper plate. Let them sit for an hour. The copper from your plate will be drawn to your copper plate, as if it were a magnet. eliminate both plates from your bath and let dry.


Repeat Steps Three and Four, using a iron alloy plate instead of a copper plate. The steel plate will draw all the silver from your plate in the form of crystals, and all that will remain in the plate you created will be gold. afresh, let both plates dry.


Blend the hydrochloric unpleasant and nitric unpleasant in your glass beaker in a 3:1 ratio. You will desire sufficient of the blend so you may absolutely submerge your plate. This blend is known as “aqua regia” or “royal water.”

Submerge your plate in the unpleasant. You will see it start to turn an orange hue and be cloudy. This will display you that you have the right mixture and the gold is being dissolved. Once there is no more “cloudiness” in the blend, you are finished dissolving the gold and can remove the remaining plate. This takes about a hour.

Pour little allowances of your unpleasant mixture into your little glass bowl and delay until that amount has evaporated before supplementing more,. replicate this process until all the liquid has evaporated, departing a dusty residue in the bowl. The dust that continues will be pure gold.

Tips and warnings

  • Dissolve down the steel contents from some circuit planks at one time rather than separating the metals board by board; the allowances of steel on each board are so little that the more you narrow piece at once, the faster the method will be.
  • Hydrochloric unpleasant and nitric unpleasant are extremely venomous, so use large caution in working with these acids. Wear appropriate security equipment and make certain you are working in a well-ventilated area.

For those who don’t want to do that there is another solution:

How to Make MONEY from PC Parts Scrap