How to get rich by creating assets?

The main things driving us in our lives today are the financial circumstances. We tend to think that all we have obtained from what we have is the our maximum. People sometimes lack the thought, that they can achieve more and afford more.

It`s not that we don`t think about that philosophy, in fact we do it every day in our lives. For an example the road we travel each day to work, we try to think of a way to travel it faster, make it shorter. If we feel that we are getting overweight, we start thinking of how to loose, that extra weight. And many more every day thoughts like those.

We go for many training programmes, like anger management, the art of living or possibility thinking. In our live we all have that point in which we use this “How can I” principle.

The odd thing is that, when it comes to the point when we wish to buy something that we know we can`t afford we suddenly call it destiny and the principle of “How can I” is the last thing we think about. That`s the reason for most of us tohave only 10% of what we can actually have during a lifetime.

Here is what I am talking about  – How you can drive your financial circumstances rather then, letting them drive you?

A real life example will help you understand:

Let`s say you want to take a personal loan, you would normally take a loan based on your income papers and start repaying it via EMIs (equated monthly installment). The main question is how to reduce the stress with the loan repayment? May I suggest taking a loan against some appreciating assets that you have? It`s all the same, you get your loan in terms of your cash outflow.

The difference won`t be in your cash flow, it will be in your net worth. There is no change in the net worth with a direct load. With that loan against an asset, your net worth will only keep improving. In future, if you make some good gains you can use them to prepay your loan.

First build assets, that`s your main priority. It`s a golden rule: the more assets you have, the more liabilities you can afford to have in the future. You need to build those assets first!


The problem is that we have been pre-conditioned not to think in terms of “How can I”in money matters. But you cannot blame yourselves, the blame should be upon our financial services industry. They are to blame for being product-centric and not being advice-centric.


Products sold based on history makes things worse. Due to that the advice available is rather shallow and you can hear it “This product has been the best”, “That`s the best product in the moment” and like everything, things may change in time, then come “Take it or leave it”, “Take it before it`s all out” and etc. And as a result, people buy tactics of the past, hoping the futureto repeat the past.

But that`s not the only major error, you can be stuck in time. History repeats itself, we all know that, but characters will be different. You don`t need a financial specialist to tell you that. All you need is a friendly pathfinder to guide you. Change your approach.

Try to think hard and you will find a way in finances – there is always a way. Don`t even think of breaking or selling assets. Your main goal is to keep what you already have, preserve it and try to build more over it.

In the financial management you can achieve all. All you need is to ask yourself “How can I have everything? “.