Making money during a recession? – Part 3

Recession peak chart

Thinking outside the box during a recession will help you make money, whether you are working for someone else or for yourself. Use your imagination when analyzing your method of conducting business, your products and job duties. Your aim is to find a way to offer more products or more of what your customer wants […]


Making money during a recession? – Part 2

People invested in the stock market know that there are highs and lows every once in a while. Long term investments are concerned about how the market is doing today, but not so much so that they take drastic measures to completely rearrange their portfolios. People who worry about their investments are those who are […]


Making money during a recession? – Part 1


When people think of a recession, they start to think the worst. Thinking that losing their money is a catastrophe, but there are many ways to secure your money and actually make some money in a recession. Recessions are not like depressions, a recession effects less people and those people generally belong to a specific […]


How to make money by designing T-Shirts?

Printing T-shirts is good way to make some money. There are T-shirt sites like Zazzle and Cafe Press who do the printing for you and you cannot use these outlets to sell your own printed T-shirts. You can make a bigger profit when printing them yourself, then using someone else, yes that involves more work […]


How to make money by flipping domain names?

For you to make money from flipping domain names you need to know the two main strategies. The first one is to just buy domain names, without building a website and then reselling them. The second strategy, as you can guess from the first one is to buy a domain name, build a website, if […]


Spread your wings and fly!

What happens when you alarm rings? Do you open your eyes with faith and optimism? Or you just snooze it to steal a few more minutes for dreaming in your imaginary world? World where everything is all right… Do you know that this world can become a true physical one? Do you know that if […]


How to make money with your photography?

Thanks to technology today and improvements in digital photography equipment amateur photographers, freelance photographers, and professional photographers can earn money from their photographs by selling royalty-free photos using online photography websites like iStockPhoto or

Lets explain what are Stock Photos and Royalty-Free photos, for those of you that don`t know. Licensed photos that are for commercial use by newspapers, magazines and advertising agencies are Stock photographs. For them to be used the photographer charges a one-time fee.


How to get rich by creating assets?

The main things driving us in our lives today are the financial circumstances. We tend to think that all we have obtained from what we have is the our maximum. People sometimes lack the thought, that they can achieve more and afford more. It`s not that we don`t think about that philosophy, in fact we do it every day in our lives. […]